Sunday, 12 November 2017

To Be Alive Is To... - 05

It’s a fair amount for myself, but I counted twenty four other pods, six of which are opaque like mine. They’re possibly waiting on me to kick start this game for them or they’ll stay closed because no one else is unlucky enough to spawn here.

Hopefully there will be a working transport ship that I could pressurise and turn into a Ops Room and work from there, then I’d like to work on either the medical bay or the guardroom. They seem to be situated next door to each other so maybe I could cut through a wall or if I’m lucky they’ve already got a door separating them. I can see why people find space confusing, are you on the ceiling? Floor? A wall? But the easiest way to deal with it, is to not give a fuck. Simplify your mind and don’t think about it, you’ll just get a headache.

The hardest part of this entire experience for me is listening to my own breathing, because it’s the only thing I can hear and I am learning to hate the sound of my own wheezing, hopefully I won’t run into any monsters in like some of Dom’s games, I remember him playing one where they were all zombies and in space. That would be pretty fucking creepy right now considering I can’t see a thing, but the armour he main character wore was badass.

I slowly make my way to the hangar, it’s just a small thing. It has one large resupply ship, but looks fucked as bad as the station. A couple of ice mining ships and a few what looks like probes.

Objective Updated…

Create a powersource for a safe zone.

That’s great thank you so much, I would have never have guessed that is what I would have wanted to do, but how! How the fuck am I meant to do this, you’re giving a rubix cube to a neanderthal right now! So thank you very much Jarvis, you fuck.

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