Wednesday, 15 November 2017

To Be Alive Is To... - 08

I don’t pull out his battery, instead I use the ports in the side, the terminal on his pod glows green and I press ‘open’. It takes a couple of moments then his eyes flash awake. He struggles to find himself as he tries to remember how he got there, I wave from the outside in.

“Comms, comms, comms!” I test, broadcasting it out to him, also noticing that feeds on my suit power.

“I hear ya’, what happened? The last thing I remember is the door shutting and that’s it.” He scowls, I shrug.

“I can’t remember anything.” I pause at that always seems to be the case. “What I’ve worked out is that the spire from Aegis station, broke off and got spaced. I’m trying to get power and air back on but I have no fucking clue what I’m doing.”

“Shit… What do we have?”

“A RTG from a probe, the fuel in it has diminished to practically nothing right now.”

“Yeah those were supposed to be decommed in a few weeks, so we don’t have any other fuel source for them unless we can generate heat, how’d you get that anyway. They’re supposed to be bolted into place.” I raise my left wrist in reply so he can see I’ve scrapped my interface terminal. “Fuckin’ loon.” I could hear him smirk, his door now slides open and he floats out. He also remembers to grab his survival kit and pistol, he glances at the RTG and sighs.

“I believe a good place to set up a base of operation would be the security or the med room. And we need to leave the battery in the pods to rest while we can.” I state and he nods.

“I’ll need to grab my tools, I left them in the maintenance tunnel under the hanger, the power tools are all dead but I could probably do something like you did if we need to.”

“Alright, I’ll drag this to the security room. Send a message if you need help.” We drift apart heading different ways, he crawls into an access port that I never noticed before while I take directions to the security wing. I’ve also noticed a distinct lack of bodies but plenty of bullet holes and plasma burns. I see shell casings but they don’t do me any good.

I finally reach the security room, the window has shattered and the glass is everywhere, I drift through the broken window slowly to avoid making any rips in the suit and that was until I see it.

As long as my wrist to my forearm, torpedo like but fat at the tip, numerous fins and a thruster at the back. It looked like a small WMD, it must have failed to detonate at close range because it couldn’t pick up enough speed when it shattered through the glass.

“Holy shit.” I accidentally broadcast out.

“What?!” A worried tone barely a millisecond after.

“T-they fired what looks like a fuckin’ nuke in the security office and it didn’t detonate.”

“Oh shit!”

I pull myself around the destructive weapon making sure not to touch it at all or disturb it. It was probably fired by a ship strafing across the hanger, they were very fortunate for it not to detonate.

“I don’t suppose you know how to disarm a nuke?” I asked hopefully.

“Fuck off!” In my observation it looked like I’ll need the torque again, but there is no saying how damaged this weapon is and if it could explode in my face.

“If you hear an explosion, it wasn’t me.” I cackle a little of the comms and he doesn’t say anything, I gently grasp in with my entire arm and press my torque tool to it. ‘Please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me.’ Eventually after sweating and hugging it out with a nuke it slowly drifts apart, I had dismantled a nuke. That is an achievement.

Awarding Title ‘Risk-taker’.

Yeah fuck you too Jarvis.

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