Sunday, 19 November 2017

Is To Live Through Heaven - 01

“Hehehehe…” I giggled to myself, It’s not everyday you can say you disarmed a nuke, anyway what the hell is up with the torque? Can it unbolt anything? Fuck the Gerber and knives, everyone needs a torque gun.

“You… Uh okay there?”


There’s a long silence over the net before he talks again, I take to trying to open the RTG to place the uranium in it and yes, I have just been hauling that around with me. It’s a bit awkward but I don’t believe we’re going to move it much now from the security room. It takes more awkward fumbling than a horny twelve year old but I work my around the generator.

“Things okay in here?” The Engineer asks again now that he’s waited the ‘soak’ period.

“Yeah, it’s giving out some amount of power we just need to connect it all up.” I do my best to shrug but it doesn’t really work. Especially since I’m upside down, or am I?

“I’ll work that out, I can hook it up to my welder kit. Just find me some scraps so we can make this room airtight.” I nod and float away past him, that roughly took an hour to complete. It’s a pretty big station. I drift my way over to some ripped open bulkheads to start to collect the biggest and flattest metal I can and that’s when I spot some more “good news”.

“Engy, we have a ship comin’ in.”

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