Sunday, 20 August 2017

To Be Alive Is To... - 04

I did my survey and the station is big as I am fucked. In other words… Very. I don’t know what happened to the solar panels but I can see even from here in low level light that they won’t be working… At all. I do suspect there is a hanger somewhere on this. I think half the station was embedded in an asteroid while this half reached off it like a spire and was broken off in an explosion. I pull myself back into the station, solar panels are a no go but if this place was a mining station they should have tool stations and engines, even replacement solar panels. I glanced at my map and seen a lot of it filling up now, it looks like I don’t physically have to walk every corridor for it to map.

I slowly start drifting down the hallway, gently pushing myself from wall to wall zig-zagging my way across. Travelling in 0 Gs is an art form in itself, I’m lucky in the way they seemed to think having protruding lights are cool, makes travelling easier. What doesn’t make it easier is the inky darkness that is everywhere, being in empty space with no direct sunlight or power just makes seeing almost impossible, the light from my helmet light is extremely low level and red. I float slowly through the space, debris and station breaches everywhere. I imagine that I’ll have to create my own airlock where I can get down and really put some work together, these gloves don’t do much for dexterity.

The area I’m in right now looks like the cryogenic sleeper area, not a lot are being used and even less have suits on. Some with suits on appear to be dead as well, I cannot open their capsules yet. Maybe it was a random power surge or one of the solar panels had a spark of life that generated my character waking up. I would like to wake up some of these astronauts but I need power and a supply of air.

After fifteen minutes or so I reach a halfway that denotes other areas of the station and a small map on a wall. Aegis Station. An official borderlands research facility right on the edge of known space. Inside the asteroid anchor was a hydroponics lab, they were investigating alien plant life and how it acts in space. Boring stuff if you’re not a botanist. It looked like it had it’s own water processing plant, it was semi-self sufficient meaning that it grew some of it’s own food, made it’s own water and air but for stuff that were more technical was resupplied. So ignore everything below where my stasis pod is the rooms and resources I do have to work with include.

  • Docking and loading bay,
  • Medical outpost,
  • Guardroom,
  • Kitchen and mess hall,
  • A few dozen trashed solar panels and antennas,
  • Customs,
  • Radar post,
  • A couple of EVA stations.

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