Wednesday, 2 August 2017

When It Begins To Fester - 02

Knocking on the door twice, more gently than last time a younger version of Eric opens it. His blonde hair lighter and longer than Eric’s, maybe cuter but the older one is definitely more handsome. Glancing over to the sofa I see Eric struggling to master the controls of Dominic’s game. Before Eric would beat Dominic every time, but the student has become the master.

“Hey, Amelia.” Dominic says very loudly for Eric to hear, he rotates his head around and squints at me.

‘Not as cute as Dom, but definitely more handsome.’ I think to myself.

“Dom come over here, I’m sick of dying.” He quickly excuses himself and passes the controller over to his brother, I enter the apartment and shut the door behind me. It's too neat and tidy for one man and a teenager, with a number of houses I’ve been too I’d expect boxers on the floor and dishes in the sink but Eric manages quite well. Instead of walking over to me he walks to the kitchen and I meet him over there. “I didn’t expect you to be over here so soon, I thought you’d give it a couple days.” He genuinely sounded surprised, half leaning on the counter with his arm the other hand on his waist.

“I did say I’d be back.” I flicked the kettle on for myself.

“Already making yourself at home?” He breathed through his teeth, “My brother laughed when I told him what you said.” He changed the subject quickly, obviously just teasing me with the first part of the sentence.


“You quoted Terminator apparently,” he pauses “I need to rewatch it but apparently that’s a big part of the movie and I should laugh.” I couldn’t help but laugh at that, I did accidentally quote it. But it was even funnier because he was speaking like a robot! I watch him take a few cups of the drying board and distribute teas and coffees.

“I never asked what you like to drink.” He raises an eyebrow at me.

“Coffee, milky with two sugars please.” I reply watching his eyebrow.

“Awesome a normal person like me.” My entire body came over with a cold pinprick sensation, he used to make this joke all the time. “My brother is a complete weirdo taking five sugars with no milk.” He shuddered, he looks back at me after filling up the cups. “What?”

“Y-you used to say that all the time.” His eyes widen in surprise but then become sad again.

“Really huh, I guess no matter where you go…” He pauses and says the next bit loudly “Dominic is a freak!”

“Shut the fuck up Eric!” Dominic harshly shouts back without blinking away from the screen while Eric chuckles. He slides the coffee over to me and I take a sip, damn he makes the best damn coffee anywhere. I take in his features again, comparing him to how he was before he went on tour. He still has the same dainty curved nose, dirty blonde hair, slim body build. Much slimmer than Fred, his skin looked like Casper’s buttcheeks. Compared to suntan from before, his eyes didn’t carry the strong confident gaze but the gaze of a hurt animal.

“You know, you may not have your memories but you still do act like your old self,” I comment smiling slightly, he clenches his jaw a little and flares his nostrils. He only does that when he is holding himself back from saying something, that should have been a good thing it’s part the way to remembering, isn’t it?

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