Sunday, 30 July 2017

When It Begins To Fester - 01

“Victory is not won in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more.” Louis L’Amour

I took a deep breath outside the flat, it’s an ordinary grey 20 floored building, completely ordinary. I had been thinking about that moment for months, I thought maybe he grew tired of me. Hated me, forgot about me. I had a plan of what I would say to him, but the moment I saw his grey eyes. I had to say something, I’ve never seen him so hurt, dejected… broken. I regretted saying that the moment they left my lips and when I entered his home I could feel his presence there, how much I missed the comforting aura he had, had because it seems to be replaced with gloom and uncertainty. He is not the confident man I knew before, the one that would make me laugh at his silly jokes and wiggling his eyebrows. But there are something’s that can’t be removed I kept my eyes open or maybe I’m seeing that is just wishful thinking. He is still the determined and dedicated oaf I knew,

‘Somethings never change.’ I smiled getting back into the police car and continue with the patrol route. I firmly believe that Eric can once again the confident and collected guy I knew, just maybe with the right push and goal he will be. Pursing my lips together at that thought something akin to a mischievous grin is plastered on my face.I quickly get round to finishing my patrol and get back to the station for signing off shift, nothing much happened a quiet day of scanning license plates and they were coming back clean.

“You seem happy Eli!” A female coworker called Amy calls out in the changing room, she has tied up blonde hair, put into a bun, blue eyes and a smallish flat face, not overly attractive but not that bad looking either.

“Well… I.” I stumbled to explain because I didn’t quite know.

“Did you give him a piece of your mind? You’ve been moping around for a while. I’m sure you don’t need to be hung up on one guy.” She giggles.

“Something like that.”

“You must have destroyed him.” I let out an awkward laugh at that and picked up my bag to leave, on the way out I bumped into some more officers, mostly all male.

“Eli! You comin’ out? It’s about time you got over that prick anyway.” Fred gave a warm smile but said all the wrong words.

“I have plans tonight… With Eric.” My voice leaking out some venom into it and my stomach tightens.

“He’s no good for you Eli, he’s just going to ‘mysteriously’ disappear again. He was probably sleeping around like any other soldier.” Thomas rises to defend Fred, I scowl my face deeper and frown at him deciding he is not worth my time to argue with and just leave.

“Eli!” Fred’s voice calls behind me as I storm past and I listen to him jog to catch up, he spins me around be touching my shoulder to look at him. “Eli, I don’t know what you want me to say. He hurt you, you’ve only just gotten over him and yet you’re already going back to him. We just don’t want to see you hurt again.” I study his face, he is quite handsome. Chocolate eyes and dark rich black hair cut short and swept to the side. The physique of a well-built man and a small vertical scar just between his nose and upper lip.

“Frankly Fred I don’t need you to worry about my love life, that is personal, secondly I did not ask you to worry about me.” I give a curt reply and I see him press his lips together and sigh once more.

“I just don’t think he’s the right guy for you.”

“And what, you are?”

We stand in silence for a few more moments, he doesn’t deny he thinks that but life doesn’t work out so well for everyone. He may be handsome but I am just not attracted to him, he just seems very controlling and clingy to me. I have compared him to Eric before and even now Eric has the feeling of laid back calmness, I turn heel and leave taking my own car to Eric’s apartment.

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