Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Those Who Dream Of Demons - 05

“Holy shit,” I mutter at the screen, it’s been awhile since I’ve been gobsmacked. He will love it, he’s a proper gamer and would love the realism taken to the next level. I place an order for it and head home.

It’s just my little brother and me living together in a two-bedroom apartment, it has a fully functional kitchen but that also doubles as the dining room, which happens to also be the living room. It’s a little small but I call it compact and everything is where I need it to be. Truthfully we don’t live together but he enjoys spending more time with me than he does at our parent's house, it’s also closer to his school. I just can’t work out if they’re doing it for my benefit of not being alone, his for being closer to school or theirs to get us out their hair.

I sigh as I walk back in, I can hear the TV on and the sounds of gunfire, I don’t know why he likes these warry games. You would think with what happened to me he wouldn’t play it in my house but, I guess that’s what I like about him. He doesn’t give a fuck and will just treat me as his brother regardless of what’s happened to me. “Hey, Dom.” I collapse into the sofa next to him.

“Hey, Ric.” He doesn’t glance away from the screen and proceeds to get killed in the game, he releases a disappointed sigh and respawns. “Gi’me some Tac advice.” When I first got back and he said that I had no clue what he was on about, but I quickly picked up that he wanted me to guide him into winning.

“Left… Climb that ladder… Hide in the corner and listen.” We both listened for footsteps and we did hear a couple, after confirming it wasn’t teammates by the map I gave my advice. “Cook a flash, turn the corner slowly and aim at the legs.” He did exactly that, and we were both brought to the respawn menu. This time we both sighed.

“It would’ave worked if the game was more realistic, and people gave a shit about their avatars and not throwing them around like fuckin’ slabs of meat.” He whined and I nodded.

“Which reminds me, I bought you a game. They said it’ll be here and installed within the week.” I explained, he looks at me with a skeptical eye trying to work out what kind of game would need to be installed and not just bought.

“No, no, no, no. NO!” He shouts tossing his controller to the side and placing his hands on his face in sadness.

“What?” I stand up again and take the bag of groceries with me to the kitchen counter and begin unpacking them.

“Look, Eric, I love you to bits but you’ve practically placed a fuckin’ fifteen-pound steak in front of a wolf but chained with the wolf to the fuckin’ fence!” He cries out exasperated, it must be a good game if he’s acting like that. “I can’t play it, it’s age restricted.”

“So?” I scoff at him like that’s stopped him before.

“Look you muscle fuck, it’s able to tell your age since you have to physically step into a fuckin’ pod, so it will know I’m underage.” He talked with his hands and making chopping motions as he said each word slowly at the end.

“Oh.” I finally understood.

“Dick.” He complains and respawns in the game. It looks like I’ll have to call them tomorrow to cancel the order and I thought I’d get out of Tac advice.