Sunday, 14 May 2017

Those That Dream Of Demons - 06

“Hello this is Wolfe Reality, my name is Riley. How can I help you?” The help desk operator called answered when I called the company.

“Hi I recently bought a game Vigil Until Dawn, it was for my younger brother but I didn’t realise that he literally couldn’t play it. So I would like to cancel my order.” I summarily my situation quickly.

“We can do that sir, however, you won’t be refunded for the one-month subscription you paid for when you got the device, the uninstallation is free and can be done whenever you require it.” Riley smoothly explains what the deal is to me.

“But I can be refunded for the capsule itself?” I throw a question.

“Yes, we can clean it and have it reused easily sir.” He answers and I nod to myself.

“Uhh, there’s no point wasting a month's subscription, I might as well play it until that ends.” I say to the operator.

“Exactly sir, I’ve got one myself at home and it is amazing, have a good morning and I’ll record your number to call back when your subscription runs out, bye!” He cheerily hung up. I take my kit and I pack my bag to go to the gym, it’s a Friday morning and Dominic has gone to school, then going to home to see mum and dad. Little fucking spy.

A few sharp knocks bring me to the door, I peer through the peephole and see a woman. Her hat was blocking her face but I could tell by the figure. She’s wearing a white long sleeved shirt, a checkered white and black tie with a big black overcoat.

Oh and stab proof vest that said ‘Police’ on it.

As she was going to rap my door again with her fist, I throw it open. Her partner must be watching the fire escape in case I run and if I have to run I would choose her that I am physically larger than rather than an unknown potential threat, not that I’ve done anything that would warrant the police knocking on my door, still. She looks rather pissed off at me. We stand there for a few seconds before she releases a venomous tone into the air, which sounds like the words

“Well? Aren’t you going to let me in?” I flinch a bit at the sound of it and make way. She makes her way to the kitchen and starts inspecting the place, “How long have you been back then?” She interrogates me, I ignore her for now and look at her face. She took her cap off when as she walked through the door so I can clearly see her face now and... Of course, all the pretty ones treat you like shit. She has hazel eyes, black hair, caramel skin and red lips. She talks in a clear British accent of southern England but her heredity is not of the United Kingdom.

“Well?!” She slightly yells out with irritation written into the tone of her voice, oh god is she someone I was dating before I got deployed? Please don’t be that awkward, please, please, please, please just be a friend.

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