Saturday, 29 April 2017

Those That Dream Of Demons - 02

Glancing back at my body I try and estimate if I can walk, I drag myself up onto my side and slowly put pressure onto my legs. A sharp pain shoots all the way up my right leg as I slowly balance out onto both my feet. Sporadic gunfire shooting all over the place around me, I draw my Glock 17 pistol and put a bullet in the chamber. I begin limping my way to where I think my team would be.

“Has anyone sent a contact report yet?!”

“Contact Wait Out!” Another yells into the radio, I limp in the direction of the voice, trying to keep my head down as much as possible to avoid getting shot.

“Friendly to your twelve!” I shout at them to make myself known but it comes out drier and weaker than I expected.

“Friendly front! Check fire!”

““Check Fire!”” A chorus of men also yell out to be heard.

When I get close enough I can begin to see them through the dust and sand being kicked up in the air, they spot me too as well. They’re taking cover of what was the building turned IED, its rubble providing protection from sight more than anything.


Eric, what do we do?”

“Get anything they can to assist us!” I yell at the signaller.

“Zero this is callsign two-one-delta, we need immediate support over!” He quickly yells into the radio and he very quickly gets a reply. “Anything! Get us anything over!” A couple more seconds of more sporadic gunfire before he gets another reply. “ETA ten minutes!”

We may not survive that long, the dust and sand is beginning to settle and it looks like they know exactly where we are, we just have to do anything we can to survive now.


And the last thing I felt before darkness was a huge impact from the wall I was using as cover.

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